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Raleigh Audiologists FAQ

Hearing Aid Financing Raleigh

What is the right way to clean earwax?

Usually ear canals will clean themselves if left alone. The skin cells grow in a way that they act like a little conveyor belt from the eardrum to the outer ear carrying debri and wax outside the canal.

However, sometimes wax and debris can accumulate and form a hard lump that blocks the canal. This can happen following a foreign body in the canal which blocks wax from exiting, such as earbuds from an iphone or earplugs to protect the ear from noise (a good idea!).

Other times people use cotton tips to "clean" their own ears, which instead can push wax deeper in the ear and also stimulate the ear to produce more wax!

Sometimes environmental conditions or the shape of a person's canal (narrow and/or very bendy) means wax accumulates and it's not their fault.
However it happens, when wax accumulates and compacts itself it needs to be removed by either a trained Ear Nurse or an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. Special drops, or even a mild cooking oil, can be applied 24-48hrs before removal to help soften the wax and facilitate easy removal.

In the past, water in a syringe was used to flush out the wax, but this can (in rare cases) do damage to the eardrum. The medical community is moving towards using special micro-suction machines to gently and effectively suction the wax/debri from the canal.

Source: Ryan Johnson-Hunt

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Which hearing aids are considered top of the line in terms of engineering and form?

There is not one manufacturer that can meet the needs of every patient. This is why it is always best to choose a hearing care provider that works with multiple manufacturers. We work with 4-5 of the top manufacturers in the world for all reasons including technology, cosmetics, and flexibility for our patients. Almost every major manufacturer carries bluetooth technology these days.

Now here's the REALLY important part… You can buy the very best, most expensive hearing aids available but if they are not programmed correctly they will do you no good, you won't get the benefit you should, and ultimately you wont wear them.

TIP: When "shopping" for a hearing aid, choose a hearing care provider that works with multiple manufacturers, does not work on commission, and who uses REM (real ear measurement) verification equipment. REM is the only way to ensure the hearing aid is programmed correctly for your hearing loss and ear canal characteristics.

Source: Courtney Sterk

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What can you do to help prevent hearing loss?

Here are a few things audiologists recommend:
1) Never use earphones (for calls/ listening music) for a long time.
2) Always use earphones at minimum volume only.
3) Do not make mobile phone calls for a long time.
4) Do not listen to music when doing exercise/jogging etc.
5) Try to avoid or reduce parties where DJ and huge music is present.
6) Learn to watch TV in a lower volume

Source:  Rohit Aredath

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Hearing Aid Cost Raleigh

Here are Some Tips Shared by Audiologists in


Memory Loss and Hearing Aids

The 2019 Audiology Conference in Brisbane focused on the cognition and hearing. There were many important messages and new ideas which can be applied to clinical practice. One such message according to the recent World Health Organisation Expert Panel Report 2019 is that there is insufficient evidence to support the use of hearing aids to reduce the risk of cognitive decline/dementia. Therefore, you should be cautious if you are asked to purchase hearing aids to treat dementia.

There is currently no cure and no effective medication for treating memory loss or dementia, however there are ways to delay the onset of symptoms. The more you strengthen the “6 pillars” in your daily life, the longer your brain will stay active and healthy.

The 6 Pillars are –

1: Regular exercise, 2: Social engagement, 3: Healthy diet, 4: Mental stimulation, 5: Quality sleep and 6: Stress management.

As an audiologist, I understand that significant hearing loss can limit a person’s social engagement leading to frustration and isolation.

Wearing hearing aids doesn’t necessarily guarantee to slow down one’s cognitive decline. But improving your hearing allows you to engage in a more active lifestyle, exposing you to health mental stimulation which in turn, protects your memory function.

If you have been wearing your hearing aid for a while but still unsatisfied with the results, see an audiologist, and explain how you feel. Also, feel free to get more hearing aid tips from us.

Source:  Ronnie Lam

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